Things You Need to Know

Sleep Times

Our Jelly Babies have their own dedicated sleep room, and bedding is changed with each child. We do not have set sleep times for all children as they are all have different routines. We will do our best to respect your wishes and follow your own child’s routine. Any older children who have a sleep have an area set aside for this. We will find out about your child’s needs at registration.


It is very likely that your child will be undertaking activities that are messy such as craft, baking, painting or gardening, so please think carefully about what they are wearing when they come to nursery. We do provide the children with aprons but they will still find somewhere to drip paint! Because of this please provide a set of spare clothes in case of any accidents, a coat for outdoor play and some wellies. All items will need to be named. If your child is in nappies then a daily supply of disposable nappies will also be required although we will provide wipes.

School attendance

As we are based next door to Wilberfoss Primary School, we are able to take any child who is registered with us to their morning Foundation Stage One attendance. Similarly, we are also able to collect your child afterwards, provided that your child is booked into the nursery for the afternoon.

Please note that if your child is on a term time only contract, we cannot guarantee a place for them during the holidays. If you require a place at the nursery during holiday time then you may wish to consider an annual contract.

Health Problems

Any health problem your child may require treatment for by the nursery needs prior written consent from you stating that we have authority to administer any drugs e.g. an inhaler. This also applies to any one off medication that your child may be taking such as antibiotics or cough medicines. A child prescribed antibiotics must remain at home for the first 24hours. We are not authorised to administer drugs not prescribed to your child by their doctor and always need written consent. Please take the time to do this before leaving your child with us. This is an Ofsted Rule. However, please be assured that if we ever do administer drugs then we will write down times and doses that your child has been given throughout the day. You will need to sign acknowledgement of this when you collect your child. Should your child be unwell with any of the contagious diseases listed in our handbook, please do not bring your child to the nursery. This is for the health and safety of your child, our other children and our staff.

Collecting Your Child

If anyone other than yourself will be collecting your child from the nursery then we need prior verbal or written notice from you for your child’s own safety. During the registration process you will have chosen a ‘pin’ which the person collecting your child will be expected to provide.

Any child left after 6:15pm will be charged at £10.00 for every 15 minutes past this time.


From time to time, we may go on outings with the children. You will complete a consent form for local outings e.g. within the village during the registration process. Any trips further afield will require additional prior written consent and are dealt with on an ad-hoc basis.


We will request written permission for taking photographs of your child (photographs have a large part to play in your child’s file) only Nursery cameras will be used.


We are not permitted to put sunscreen on your child without your written permission, this is requested during the registration process. Please make sure you send your child with named sunscreen of at least factor 20 every day. We also require a named sun hats. If you do not send sunscreen and we feel that your child needs some, we will apply our own sunscreen and a small charge may apply for this. You will be required to give us written permission to do this.