Our full Ofsted inspection is available to read on the Ofsted Website.

Some of the comments made are:

“Children are warmly welcomed into a bright and very friendly nursery, where their individual learning and development needs are met.”

“Children demonstrate high levels of confidence and independence as they move freely around the environment and make choices about what they want to do.”

“The well-established key-person system enables children to form strong, close emotional attachments, which make children feel very safe and secure.”

“Children are provided with a wide variety of nutritious snacks and meals, which are carefully planned to ensure they benefit from a healthy, balanced diet. Staff use lunchtime positively to help children understand about nutrition and how to make healthy choices by encouraging the children to try a variety of foods.”

“Staff are enthusiastic and constantly give the children lots of praise for what they have achieved. Consequently, children are actively encouraged to develop good personal, social and emotional skills.”

“The nursery has a clear drive for improvement. It is managed with the full support of a dedicated staff team, who work closely together. This has a very positive impact on the overall effectiveness of the setting.”