All our meals are specially chosen and offer the children a healthy and well balanced diet. They are produced on a five week rotating menu and all are freshly prepared in our on-site kitchen by our experienced, qualified cook. We use best quality ingredients; our meat is sourced from the local butcher and our fruit and vegetables are from the nearby farm shop.

The main meal is served at lunch time in the dining room. Each room is fed in succession with the Jelly Babies going first at around 11.45, followed by the Tots, Beans and Bears. Our older children are encouraged to help set up the dining room which allows for lots of mathematical fun and games such as counting cutlery and setting up places – they love the responsibility!

We also offer healthy snacks between meals and the children are encouraged to help in the preparation of these too. Once your child reaches the toddler room we feel it is important to encourage independence. We have a snack bar that is open mid morning and mid afternoon for an hour in which children can serve themselves.

We ensure all the children have the opportunity to access this and use a name card system for the pre-school children. They have to find their name and put it in a basket when they go for their snack. Younger children have a member of staff sat at the table and will tick which child has attended.

Tea is a light meal and once or twice a week we encourage the children to prepare their own tea.

Baby’s bottles are kept in a special area in the baby room called the milk kitchen. Please make sure all your baby’s bottles are clearly named.